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Plaid Pig Public Relations

Providing Public Relations and Consulting Services to the Food and Beverage Industry in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you are a Chef, Restaurant, Bar, Distiller or Farmer – we are there to help.

Service First

We strive to provide an exemplary level of service to our business partners using a robust set of capabilities to delivery high quality and value-based solutions.

Our Focus

We work exclusively with Food and Beverage Industry clients in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This industry is our passion and sole focus.


We bring over 20 years of management consulting expertise to the table combined with technology acumen, content development and publication skills, broad relationships and industry expertise.

What We Do

We provide the following services to all Plaid Pig PR clientele.

Strategic Planning

Success begins with a good plan.

We work with your team to develop effective strategies and tactical plans with achievable goals aimed towards maximizing reach to your target audience and ultimately increasing revenue.



We develop effective marketing campaigns to achieve your strategic goals using a variety of effective methods.

Media Relations

We maintain relationships with many influencers as well as editors and writers for relevant regional publications that are represent value to your business allowing us to increase opportunities for coverage and placement.

Social Media Management

We perform full-scale social media management for your business including set up and management of pages across multiple social platforms.


Content Development

We provide content development services using professional writers with experience in the food and beverage industry to create media-ready materials for your business.

Event Collaboration

We identify collaboration opportunities and industry events to improve your businesses exposure to your target clientele.

Project Services

We are a full-service firm that strives to meet the broad needs of our clientele. In addition to our Core offerings, we perform several services on a project basis including the following.

Event Planning

  • We work with you to identify potential opportunities for special events including launch parties.
  • We provide coordination and logistical support of events in partnership with your team.


Web Development

  • We design and develop websites with robust content and imagery that are easy to navigate and use.
  • We provide ongoing support and maintenance of your website to ensure that they are optimized for SEO and content quality.


Photography & Design

  • We collaborate with several of the top food and beverage photographers in the region.
  • Our partners are professionals who have been featured in a multitude of regional and national print and digital publications.


Consulting Services

  • We partner with top Chefs, Sommeliers, Mixologists and Purveyors in Seattle to provide consulting services to our clients.
  • Whether you are starting a new business or working to improve an existing one – our team can help you by bringing experience and knowledge of the local market to the table.

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